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Vidmate for PC: Video Downloading App

Vidmate is the choice of thousands when it comes to downloading prime content off the internet. There is no match for the app’s diversity, utility and ease of use. Vidmate easily beats all other apps in the genre, including Tubemate.

Vidmate features:

Vidmate has plenty of great features. Here are some…

  • Vidmate lets you download and play millions of video content on the internet! The platforms vary from Youtube to Vimeo to DailyMotion and span a host of such services.
  • Vidmate lets you play a whole lot of videos, but it also caters apps and games. All those rare apps that you can’t find on Play Store; they’re all there on Vidmate.
  • Vidmate lets you scroll through movies, TV shows and all such content available online, which beats al other downloaders which only search particular sites.

vidmate apk

Vidmate vs Tubemate:

Vidmate has a considerable number of plus points over Tubemate. Vidmate gets you search results from all sorts of websites. Compared with Tubemate, which only searches one particular website at most, Vidmate has the upper hand.

Vidmate and Tubemate are otherwise quite similar, but Tubemate is quicker. Vidmate more than makes up for it by catering apps, games, songs and more in the same platform. Vidmate is also found to be easier to navigate by many users.

Vidmate for PC:

Vidmate is available only for Android, and that too only as an apk file. Windows Store doesn’t have the app either. The app can still be installed pretty easily by using an Android Emulator. Like always, We recommend BlueStacks ( or Andy ( Here’s how to go about the installation…

  1. Download an Emulator of your choice.
    The apps aren’t more than 30 MBs, so it should be done in a jiffy.
  2. Install the emulator.
    The pre-loaded installation wizard should work just fine.
  3. Log in using a google account.
    A google account is vital to access the Play Store and let your emulator run properly. You can also make one right there in the window. Isn’t that lovely?
  4. Download Vidmate apk file.
    Vidmate Mod apk is available on plenty of websites.
  5. Run the apk file in the emulator.
    Right click the file, select “Open With” and then choose the emulator from the list of programs. The installation will begin automatically and you will get a notification once it is done.

That’s it. You can now browse and download unlimited content off the internet.


Top 3 Hidden Features of Shareit !

As you all know the salient feature of Shareit is to share files with amazingly fast speed crossplatformly, it also has some other features embedded in it.

The first one, if you have to share a file using ShareIt and your friend doesn’t have ShareIt and he doesn’t have an internet connection to download ShareIt at that time. You can send him ShareIt by Bluetooth or hotspot!
To send ShareIt offline, tap on the button placed on top left of the ShareIt app and then selecting the medium by which he is ready to receive ShareIt app.
If the receiver has internet then he may scan QR code to download ShareIt.


The second one, it keeps a history of the files shared through it, you can access the history page by tapping “Me” button located at the bottom right in the main page of the ShareIt app and then selecting “Transfer History”. You can directly access the file from there there is no fuss of searching the file in the file manager.
Nowadays deleting history is more important than creating history ;). If you just shared a personal file and you don’t want it to be stuck up in the history, you can clear the history by tapping the button located at top right in the Transfer History section.

The third one, if you just bought a new device and want all the data like your apps, music, contacts, messages, etc. on your new phone, you can do this with CloneIt (a ShareIt plugine). CloneIt will allow you to transfer all the stuff from your old mobile to new mobile, it will allow you to send your Contacts, SMS, MMS, Apps, Music Photos and even your Call log.

To use CloneIt feature, Tap on the menu icon present at top right of the Shareit app, then select Cloneit, then tap on the green “Install” button, it’ll open CloneIt app page on playstore. Install CloneIt from there. Now open CloneIt app and in the old phone tap on “Sender” button and “Reciever” button on New phone. Then on the New phone tap on the name of the old device an tap on OK in the old phone to establish a connection. Now in the old phone select the data you want to import and tap “Start”, it will ask “Start importing”. Boom the new phone will start recieving the selected things.

Zapya PC Download | Best File Sharing App For Windows XP/7/8/8.1

Zapya is the prominent app when it comes to file sharing category. Zapya is a savior if you are seeking for fastest file transfer ways. No one in this world like the frustration of data transfer. Nowadays, smart devices are coming with extreme storage limits. Users download tons of data without thinking how to move it to the other device.


At first, users go for Bluetooth and USB data cable. Trust me, don’t use them. Both of them are the waste of time and energy. Why don’t you use an application for data transfer? Now the question arises, which is the best application for data transfer. Zapya is one of the leading file transfer apps on Play Store.

This post is specially written for Zapya and its installation. Zapya gained so much popularity in the short period because of its features. Over 100 million users have installed this application on their Android devices. Users always ask for more. After Android, they wanted it on PC too. Luckily, we can use it on PC. It involves little tricks. Don’t worry, to explain those tricks this article is made.

Features Of  Zapya:

Before we dive in the installation process. Let’s check what Zapya is offering to its users.

It is the fastest file sharing the app in the market. The reason for instant speed is the use of Wi-fi technology. Unlike traditional transfer medium, it relies on Wifi technology used by devices. Don’t be confused. It only utilizes technology instead of consuming data traffic.

Because of Wi-fi technology, its data transfer speed is so fast. Approximately, 10MB per second. It is like 200 times more than Bluetooth. I am assuming, within minutes, an HD movie can be moved to another device.

It is supported by multiple devices and operating system. It means the cross-platform transfer is possible. Without Zapya, file transfer between an iOS and Android devices will not be possible.

Zapya PC Download:

Now coming to the main point “Zapya PC download”.

Just follow steps discussed below:

  • Install Bluestacks on the PC.
  • After installation open up the emulator.
  • In the search bar, search for “Zapya”.
  • Click on the install from the search results.
  • Within a few minutes, Zapya will be installed.
  • That’s it!

Reasons to Love Facetime App for PC

FaceTime is one application which serves for an amazing app for all the apple users. However, there are a few reasons why every FaceTime user adores the app, and if not, here is why you should:

FaceTime Audio takes the show away:

At times you are stuck at places with zero cell phone networks but a place with Wi-Fi connectivity; well, you have to thank FaceTime for the audio calls you can make. Conference calls are fun and easy with FaceTime too!

  1. You can switch between FaceTime Audio and FaceTime Video.

There are needs for audio and video calls as per the work you have got. In case of times where something has to be shown or explained via video or when there is a need to simply talk work, switching between audio and video on FaceTime is quite simple and definitely a plus point.


  1. FaceTime’s voice quality is a win-win:

People often prefer to go for FaceTime calls over normal calls as it is quite impressive; and of course now that it is free when used over Wi-Fi, you can save money without obstacles! There have been news that it is way better than Bluetooth handsets and could be a great alternative while on games!

  1. Save on your Travel calls 

Well, for all the times you wish to not add up another list of expenditure while travelling, FaceTime audio would be your rescue. It isn’t always possible to get plan updates for travelling plus when there is an alternative, why not FaceTime? After all, Wi-Fi is pretty much common around in almost all the decent places and hence being connected to people is cheaper, rather free and easier!

Check: Facetime for PC

  1. Free? Well, anything that is free always is adorable.

Given the increased amount of bills on calls, it is indeed bliss to have FaceTime. Getting an unlimited plan for all kinds of connections isn’t always an option and neither cheap. It is way better to opt for a good data plan, or may be an unlimited one for that matter ad go for FaceTiming rather than spending money on normal calls for high prices.

So given the perks of FaceTime, you would definitely like to give a thought about it, isn’t it? FaceTime is indeed a better option and these were the reasons why you will surely fall in love with the app.

Amazing Facts About Mobile Phones

Here some of the amazing as well as interesting facts about a mobile phone. Whether you are a geek or not you will definitely like these facts.

 The device, HTC HD2, announced in 2009 can run Android Lollipop!

 Your mobile phone has more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo

11 moon landing.

 In 1983, the first mobile phones went on sale in the U.S. at almost $4,000 each. And

Motorola Dynatech is one of those!

 The name: “Cellular phones,” or more common today “cell phones,” get their name from

the fact that areas served by towers are divided up into “cells.” The first use of the word

“cellular” in this fashion was in 1977. The first documented use of the word “cell phone”

was in 1984.

 This first handheld cell phone weighed 2.4 pounds and was 9 * 5 * 1.75 inches in size.

For reference, the iPhone 6 is 5.44 * 2.64 * 0.27 inches and weighs just 129 grams (0.28

pounds) this first handheld cell phone also had only 20 minutes of battery life when

talking, but as Martin Cooper stated “that wasn’t really a big problem because you

couldn’t hold that phone up for that long.” Once the phone battery drained, it took

approximately 10 hours to charge back up fully.

 Apple sold 340,000 iPhones per day in 2012

 Mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles

 In Japan, 90% of mobile phones are waterproof because youngsters use them even in

the shower.

 Mobile Phone Radiation can cause Insomnia, headaches and confusion.

 Scientists have developed a way to charge mobile phone by urine

 The first mobile phone call was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper, a former Motorola


 Apple’s iPhone has higher sales than everything Microsoft Has to offer.

 Nomophobia is the fear of being without your mobile phone or losing your signal.

 Over 250 million Nokia 1100 devices were sold, making it the bestselling electrical

gadget in history.

mobile phones

 100,000 mobile phones are dropped down the toilet in Britain every year.

 More People In The World Have Mobile Phones Than Toilets.

 China has more internet users on mobile devices than on PCs.

 So many Facebook photos and videos are uploaded via mobile that it takes up 27% of

upstream web traffic.

 Apple’s iPhone consumes US$0.25 worth of electricity per year if it’s fully charged once

a day.

 65% of smartphone users download zero apps per month.

 The technology behind smartphones relies on up to 250,000 separate patents.

 99% of all mobile malware is targeted at Android users.

 An average person unlocks his phone 110 times each day.

 47% of U.S. smartphone owners say their smartphone is something they “couldn’t live


So these were some of the amazing facts about mobile phone and I am quite sure that you didn’t know about most of them listed above. Do visit GizmoBase and check out awesome articles on gadget, gizmos and tech. I hope you liked this article and found it interesting, and if you did, do spare a moment and share it with your friends on social media sites. And do let me know if you know some other factions about mobile phones.

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Apple iOS 8 – Apps, Specs, Images, Release Date & Rumors

Apple iOS 8 is a major topic for discussion among the lovers of iPod, iPad and iPhone users today. Most technology fans are eager to know the release date, specs and features of this device. Currently, a lot of things are being speculated about this device. However, the most amazing feature being talked about this is the fitness and healthcare feature. Apple is set to introduce a reinvention of the mobile phone industry with this feature.

Rumors about Apple iOS 8

So many things have been said about this device.

Here are some rumors about Apple iOS 8:

  • Notifications: Most fans of technology believe that iOS 8 will feature an improved notifications feature. It is expected that this device will feature a notifications feature that is better than that of iOS 7. Most users of iOS 7 feel the notifications feature of iOS 7 is a bit clumsy since to reply to iMessages one must launch the application instead of doing it from an X’s notification center. As such, Apple iOS 8 should come with a universal control that is clearer than the past notifications’ feature, which does not require the user to clear past notifications manually. The notifications app should be similar to the Sam Beckett’s notifications app. Perhaps; Apple can use more interesting messaging apps such as those of the Cue specialists. This is very important because Google is now gaining popularity among the users of Android devices. Using Cue will enable Apple to catch up with Google by adding smart push notifications. This way, users will have the information they need whenever they need it.
  • Siri: Fans of contemporary technologies believe that Apple will introduce more innovative features to this spec. Most people believe that iOS 8 will come with a virtual assistant and voice-activated siri. People should have more voices within this spec. Today, users of this device access a male voice with the iOS 7. iOS 8 should include a female voice in siri.
  • Control center: Many people loved the control center of the iOS 7. Apple should make the control center of Apple iOS8 even better. Perhaps, people should get more control of this center. They should be able to device the apps that they want to access while using this device with ease.
  • Multiple accounts: Most people desire to add more accounts on their Apple devices. This feature has been sought after by many people in their iPhones and iPads for a long time. iPads with multiple accounts allow family members to have individual accounts. This is very important especially for parents who want to control their children.
  • Multitasking: Although iOS 7 made some changes to how users enjoy the multitasking capability of this device, more changes need to be made. In particular, most people would like to see the device embrace the Sam Bechett’s   multitasking concept of the split screen. This is something that will increase the productivity of iOS 8 significantly. Most people are always craving for this feature as they use their iPads.
  • Facetime: Apple has not been improved much in the recent updates. The only improvement seen in this feature is the introduction of the FaceTime audio. However, Apple iOS 8 should introduce a multiple call with FaceTime. This will enable users to make a group call with ease. Although Skype allows users to make group calls, FaceTime will be a big addition to Apple users.


Innovative apps of Apple iOS 8

Many people have been talking about the applications that they would like to see in Apple updates. Some of the apps are annoying to some users and they expect that Apple will delete them and introduce more innovative apps. Some Apps in the iOS 7 are never used by owners of Apple and they expect that Apple will grant their wish.

  • Subscription service: This is an interesting idea. iOS 8 is likely to have subscription service in its App store or iTune store. This service would allow users to pay a monthly fee to access unlimited books, TV, Films and Apps among others. This can be a brilliant idea that many users would definitely subscribe to.
  • Third party browser: Although most users of Apple iOS 7 use Firefox or Chrome as their favorite browser, they would like to have a default third browser in their Apple iOS8. Safari has a stronghold in iOS. However, Apple should allow users to make their preferred third party browser their default browser. Thus, apple should introduce the ability to change Safari as a default browser in its new update.
  • Customized autocorrect: Many users of Apple iOS have always wanted to turn of the autocorrect app based on the apps they have on their device. A customized autocorrect will enable them to avoid embarrassing errors that are seen every now and them among these users.

iOS 8 Release date

Better specs of apple iOS 8

Although iOS 7 introduced better specs that preceding devices, technology fans would like to see more improvements.

Some of the areas where users of Apple iphones and iPads would like to see improvements include the following:

  • Battery life: iOS users are plagued with the issues of battery life. Battery life takes the top spot whenever users of iOS are asked about areas where they would like to see improvements. Apple is likely to improve on the battery life issue by adding an emergency feature on the new update. For instance, it can introduced customizable action that will set in whenever the batter or power reaches 20%. This would be better than simply popping up a warning message. iOS 8 can be programmed to lower its brightness, switch off location services and Bluetooth among other operations automatically when the power goes down. This will enable the device to stay alive for long without charging.
  • iTunes radio: Apple users have always wanted an iTunes radio on their devices. By introducing iTunes radio, Apple would allow users to stream their preferred songs directly from iTunes with ease. It is likely that Apple will launch iTunes radio before releasing the Apple iOS 8 in UK.

The redefining spec of Apple iOS 8

Apple has always wowed technology fans by introducing some of the most amazing features and specs with its iOS updates. In the new update, Apple has a unique feature that is set to redefine the entire mobile phones industry. The health and fitness monitoring application will change how people perceive mobile phones completely.

Fitness tracking

Apple plans to introduce an application called Healthbook in the iOS8. This software is able to monitor and store statistics about your fitness. This includes the steps that the user takes, calories that they burn and miles that they walk. In addition, this app will be able to track and help the user manage the rate at which they lose weight. This app is designed as a pre-installed challenger and it offers the user benefits that are similar to those of Fitbit and Nike. It makes the Apple iOS 8 more intriguing to the users who desire to ensure their physical fitness on daily basis.

Health tracking

Apart from the fitness tracking aspect of the Healthbook, it will also enable the user to monitorvital signs in their bodies. This includes the ability to track the hydration levels, blood pressure, heart rate and other data that is related to their blood. The app will also enable users to monitor glucose levels in the body. Healthbook is software that is programmed to enable users to know their medication details. As such, with this software users will be reminded about their medication based on their schedule. This will be integrated on the Reminders App of the iOS 8.

Although Jeff Williams, who is an Apple executive, talked about this app last month, he did not give more details about it. However, he said that Healthbook application will have a multiple user interface. It is likely to take the Cues of the Passbook app which is used by Apple users to store coupons, loyalty cards and other items that are usually stored in their physical wallets. This app has an interface that allows users to swipe between cards stored in it. Every card will represent a different health or fitness data point. It comes with a prototype logo that is similar to the Passbook icon. However, it features graphics that represent important signs.

Leaked images of Apple iOS 8

Currently, no images of Apple iOS 8 have been leaked. However, it is expected that soon they will be about. Very soon Apple will also release the video concept of the device. The video is expected to spark imagination of technology fans that are eagerly waiting for the release of this device.

Apple iOS 8 release date

Apple has always followed a trend in releasing its devices. Most likely, this will also be the trend for Apple iOS 8. Apple iOS 7 was released on September 2013. Therefore, the subsequent update of iOS is difficult to determine when it will be released. Nevertheless, analysts say that technology fans are likely to wait until September 2014.

samsung galaxy s6

2015 will start with the Samsung S6 release

It is always a wonderful thing to see that what the upcoming time will bring with the latest Smartphone. It helps you to keep updated, reliable and all the time with an experience for the advancement of the technology. Samsung as top players involved in a great race always to launch better and latest gadgets and devices. But before you consider, the competition or fight has struck climax, the company declares the release date of the other demon Smartphone yet.

It is the time, when the consumers are very curious and are waiting for the release of Galaxy S5 of Samsung in earnest year of 2014. The rumors and leaks are indisputable here as according to in which the company performs its launches, there is no doubt about the Smartphone S5 that is coming very soon in the year of 2014.On the other hand, for the users of the company (and everyone, who sees Samsung very closely and clearly), there is not something that can be taken so far expecting and beginning to scrutinize the latest in the line gizmo, which will track the S5. There definitely will be Galaxy S6. After the users set their hands and eyes on the S5, the company has given the hints on different events that Galaxy S6 will be launched by it, but in the year of 2015.

galaxy s6

Why The Year 2015 For The Launch Of Galaxy S5?

Since it has been noticed about the company in the past years, there must be the Smartphone to be launched every year. As you know, the S4 was launched in the year of 2013, which is the existing flagship Smartphone in the customers and the Galaxy S5 will be launched in the year of 2014, therefore, it is obvious that Galaxy S6 will be launched in the year of 2015, i.e. the date of the release of the S6 will be in 2015.

Possibilities About The Change In The Release Date

The two possibilities are there that can alter this release date. Firstly, except Samsung improves its annual launches to 2 gizmos per year, or second is that if the company alter its mind regarding the release of the S6 altogether.

Yet, the entire issue is only about the curiosity of the release date of Galaxy S6; it depends upon the expectation of What the S5 would bring. A reality is that the company for all the time listens to all the users about what their sayings regarding the earlier launches, then imitates the suggestions on the latest device. This strategy and plan had directed to this company launching the dopiest devices each and every time. Before, your discussions come to what you are feeling in the new gadget or device, you are surprised by what is the leaked information and actually occurs with the latest gadget.

For the S6, the leaks and rumors have previously moved that come in the year of 2015, the users of the company will be capable of sampling a gizmo of the superb features and specifications like slimmer and lighter smartphone, great operating system, 5G network and much more.

Keep visiting digispiders for more information.

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Google Nexus 6 – Grand features for a sensible price

Google Nexus 6 has been confirmed to be a few months away from release. This is one smart phone that the world should wait for eagerly as it is expected to come out as more powerful, faster and more convenient than its predecessors.

Nexus 5 commanded a sizeable market niche for itself thanks to the popularity it gained among Smartphone lovers. The fabulous response it got showed a promising future for the Nexus series. It is true that people have great expectations from Google Nexus 6 and if the current rumors are anything to go by, it will be a super brand.


Nexus series has been a superior brand that has been able to give seasoned Smartphone manufacturers a run for their money. It has successfully competed with the likes of Samsung Galaxy, Apple, HTC One, LG optimus G2 and the like.

Design Concept

Google Nexus 6 is expected to capitalize on the shortfalls experienced in the previous predecessors. Nexus 4 came with a glass finish at the back, which was modified into rubber finishing in its successor. The glass finish added elegance and beauty to the Nexus 4 but shattered easily on falling. Camera complaints in Nexus 5 seem to have been addressed by the release of Android 4.4.1.

Screen size

One of the designs that are expected to be improved is the screen size. This new technology will have an increased screen size to allow you enjoy your videos and games to the fullest. An estimated 5.3-inch in the new Nexus is likely. This is through observation of the previous two screens of Nexus 4 and 5. Google Nexus 4 had a 4.7 inch screen while its successor had 5.0 inch. Therefore, if this trend is anything to go by, then Google Nexus 6 is likely to come with a 5.3 inch HD screen with IPS display and Corning Gorilla Glass protection.


A metallic body is the most likely. This is unconfirmed information but inside sources say that this metallic body is the most likely to appear.


The shape of this new device is expected to be similar to Google Nexus 5 but with some few modifications. It will be a simple to hold design with curved edges. It is also expected to be much lighter than its immediate predecessor so that you can carry it along freely.  It too is expected to be slimmer than the Nexus 5.

Google Nexus 6 Specifications

Nexus lovers definitely have got many expectations on this smartphone. With development of new technology, Nexus will be expected to host many miracles. Here are Google Nexus 6 specifications.

It is expected to have 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE. In addition, it will host Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

For its dimension, the gadget is expected to be slimmer, thus measure lesser than its previous successors. It is expected to have a size of 70.36 x 146.35 x 7.8 millimeter. The device will be much lighter, weighing only 123g unlike its predecessors.

It is expected to come with a Central Processing Unit of Qualcomm Snapdragon or even have the improved version of 3 GHz processor.

In terms of memory, a 4GB RAM in Google’s Nexus 6 ensures you get to do your multitasking and other staff rather faster than other phones that boost smaller RAMs. What’s more? This smartphone has 3 different memory sizes to choose from. You can opt for a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. However, you will have to cope up with the internal memory size alone since the device doesn’t allow for expandable memory.


The super brand phone comes handy with one of the best displays available. A 5.3 inch screen makes sure your viewing space isn’t limited and you enjoy your views in good sizes. The screen is capacitive touch with HD IPS display. It comes with corning gorilla glass 3 for protection.


The camera in Google Nexus 6 has been advanced for better performance unlike in Nexus 5. In this new gadget, you will have a 13MP primary camera complete with LED Flash and Autofocus. With these, you can be assured of capturing even the finest details in your photos. Moreover, there is a 5MP secondary camera to help you have a better photo taking experience.

Operating System

Well, the performance of a smartphone is based on the operating system of the machine. The Android OS is the dominant OS in the smartphone technology. However, it has undergone some modifications to make it better and faster. With Google Nexus 6 you can be assured of the current model of Android 4.4 kitkat or the upgraded Android 5.0 lollypop. Or even better, you can expect it to come with the Android 6.0 milkshake if its research will have been completed on time. However, the first two are the most likely Androids to appear.

Exclusive Sensors

Google Nexus will never fail to bring you a surprise package. What’s there this time round? Sensors. This device has come with a couple of sensory systems that are able to note a change in general weather conditions among other things. It comes with an

  • accelerometer,
  • barometer for atmospheric pressure,
  • infrared sensors,
  • Gyroscope
  •  Ambient light
  • Hall pressure
  • Compass to ensure you know your directions.

Robust Battery

The previous models had battery complains but it seems all those grievances have been sorted out in the new Nexus battery. Nexus 5 had a small battery capacity of 2400 mAh. The Google Nexus 6 smartphone has seen the battery power stepped up to 3000 mAh to enable it support all these upgraded features. This is expected to give the phone a longer battery life.

Here is a video by Bob Freking, where he lays down the concept of Google Nexus 6!

Nexus 6 Features

Google Nexus releases a new device each year. Nexus 6 will be up to competition with other seasoned smartphones, the likes of Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Note 4, Sony Xperia Z2, HTC M8 and the like. Therefore, for it to curve a market niche for itself, it will have to come with awesome features that will attract the masses. Google have shown all the intentions of making a super smartphone this time, and here are some of the features you should look out for in this latest creation;

  • Nexus 6 will come with a slimmer body than its predecessors
  • A 5.3 inch capacitive HD IPS display touch screen
  • OS Android 4.4 kitkat, 5.0 lollypop or 6.0 milkshake
  • Wireless charging
  • A light weight of 123g for efficiency when carrying it
  • A 13MP primary camera coupled with a 5MP secondary camera for better photo shooting
  • A photosphere  that enables you access to 360o view for improved photo quality
  • It also comes with HDR+ for brighter and sharper pictures.
  • A 3000mAh for longer battery life and improved performance
  • A 4GB RAM enabling faster operations
  • Elegant and beautiful finish

Google Nexus 6 Release Date

If current rumors are anything to go by, then you can expect to have this magnificent smartphone in the market in the fourth quarter of 2014. However, initial reports suggested that the phone would be released in the third quarter of the year. Though we cannot rule it out, if it comes in the third quarter, then it will be the last month of the third quarter.

Inside sources however maintain that Google will maintain its tradition of releasing a new model after the current model has been in the market for a full year. This means that the most likely month for Google to introduce the Nexus 6 will be in October. It is expected to be launched in several cities around the world:

==> India – October 2014

==> United Kingdom – September 2014

==> Canada – September 2014

==> US – September 2014

==> Iraq – October 2014

==> Iran- October 2014

==> China – October 2014

==> Russia – October 2014

==> Australia – September 2014

==> Belgium – September 2014

==> Germany – October 2014

Google Nexus 6 Price

With the smartphone price ceiling being put at $750, Google Nexus 6 is set to retail at a lower price. The expected maximum price for this elegant phone is estimated at $500. However, inside sources maintain that the device will go at $450. This price is very pocket friendly considering that other smartphones go for almost twice this. Actually some smartphones are only a few tens of dollars shy $750. The $450 price makes this gadget very affordable to many people across the world while still maintaining the superior technology.

Final Words

The rumor going round the street is that the Google Nexus 6 could be the last smartphone in the Nexus series. The argument is that there already is a product by the name Google Nexus 7, a tablet by Google. How true is this? Google however, hasn’t commented on this development and all that is left is to wait and see new developments.

Nexus 6 will definitely be such an awesome smartphone. Its magnificent features are set to catapult its popularity among the masses. Its low price is set to appeal to many people who want a smartphone but cannot meet the high end cost of some smartphones that are almost hitting the smartphone price ceiling. If you are interested in acquiring a smartphone, you ought to look forward to this Google Nexus 6.

Have you started your savings for buying this smartphone? Let us know what you think in comment section below!

samsung galaxy note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Professionally Superior Phablet 2014

As we all know, the buzz about Samsung smartphones and tablets start a way before the actual release. It has become such a force in the mobile market. Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are the two expected technologies from the giant tech firm. The latter however, is the one that has caused much hype.

Samsung Note series is a phablet series that has received admiration from many people across the world. The Galaxy Note 4 predecessors have reportedly sold over 50 million copies globally, an illustration that this phablet is a superior quality and very professional. However, new technological developments bring about different features. In this new device, Samsung has decided to bring changes to the technology appeared in Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Latest buzz suggests that Samsung is considering using a three-sided display in the phablet. This technology has not appeared in any other Samsung smartphone. It would be awesome especially to smartphone geeks who are always looking for shortcomings to criticize the Note series. Moreover, if these rumors are anything to go by, the images of this Note series smartphone have already leaked and you can have a glimpse of how they will look like.

Due to the superior quality of Samsung Note 4’s predecessor many people expect this new device to be better in all dimensions. The expectations placed on Note 4 are so high and Samsung must try to satisfy the demands of their fans so as to remain the people’s choice for smartphones. The sales that Note 3 made were relatively higher as compared to those of some other smartphones produced during the same period last year. Note 4 will too is expected to have cutting-edge qualities for it to own the market.

Here are some other new features and changes to expect in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Read on to get the particulars.

Design Concept – Always a Step Ahead

One thing that for sure will change is the design concept of this device. There are enough reasons to change the characteristic plastic flagship in Samsung Note 3 to something better. One is the faux leather plastic design in Samsung Note 3 which was Note 3 biggest let down. Two, it will be difficult to go back in plastic flagship once the company has launched the new metal flagship expected in Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung S5 is expected to be released before the Note 4. Samsung S5 is expected to come with the metallic flagship and thus this design will be retained in Note 4. Rather, a new flagship design may all together be introduced in the Galaxy Note 4.

samsung galaxy note 4

Improved Display in note 4

Some of the technology developed for Galaxy S5 may be used in Galaxy Note 4. Samsung S5 will come with a QHD display resolution. If this is retained in Note 4, it means it will be an improvement to Note 3’s HD 1080 X 1920 resolution. Other expected display upgrades in Note 4 are higher resolution, increased screen size, thinner bezel and higher pixel density. Moreover, YOUM technology may be introduced in this device. It is also rumored that Samsung Note 4 may come with curved or multi-sided display which will enable you read the screen even at an odd angle.

Operating System – You deserve the best

Rumors had it that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature Android 4.4 kitkat, 5.0 lollypop or 5.5 milkshake. However, reports coming in indicate that Android 4.4 kitkat is the one to run this magnificent smartphone. This Google’s newest Android OS will run alongside the TouchWiz. This brand new TouchWiz UI has been featured in Samsung Note 4 PRO editions. It comes with new notifications, new lock screens and icon packs that are unique to it. These features will make a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have a cutting-edge advantage over other smartphones. Other features to be improved are the likes of the S Stylus Pen that will be more efficient than in Note 3.

Galaxy Note 4 Release Date – All eyes on it

One of the most discussed topics concerning Samsung Note 4 is the release date. What has been confirmed at the moment is that the device will be launched in the second half of the year. This is according to Samsung mobile Executive Vice President, Lee Young Hee during an interview with Bloomberg at the CES 2014. However, there is limited news about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coming from Samsung at the moment. Samsung is currently concentrating on news about Samsung S5 which will come first. Thereafter Note 4 news will emerge. This is a release mechanism applied by Samsung to sensitize the mass about a smartphone that is just about to be released.

Analyst estimates that much news about Samsung Note 4 will emerge between July and August. This will be in readiness for September release. Last year, Samsung took to the stage in IFA Berlin, Germany to announce the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It may not be a wonder for Samsung to unveil Note 3 successor at the same venue this September. It is estimated that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be launched between 5th and 10th September at IFA stage in Germany.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The cost of this new device has not yet been confirmed. However, we may try to estimate its price. Its price will be based on the price of Note 3 at the time. It is expected that the price of Note 3 will drop significantly as Note 4 nears its launching. Depending on the price at that period, Note 4 will be priced at a higher price than what Note 3 will be retailing at.

Lee confirmed during the interview with Bloomberg that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is designed for professional use. Hence, it is targeting customers who will not mind paying more for the handset.

Awesome features

Reliable sources have confirmed that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with Synaptics as well as Air View. The use of synaptics has been attributed to help lessen the cost of manufacturing this smartphone. This reduction may even go ahead in being reflected on the ultimate cost of the price of the smartphone.

Other sources within the organization have mentioned that the giant tech company is considering bringing improvement to the Touch Screen Panel feature of the smartphone. The S Pen Stylus too will undergo major improvements like touchscreen panel recognition of 2.5 pi pen point measurement. This will hand it precise and more elaborate handwriting than present I its predecessor. Other improvements as a result of Synaptics include enhanced hovering detection on features such as Air View as well as improving greater distance hovering detection.

Available in all networks

Like all its predecessors, Galaxy Note 4 will be readily available in all major networks across the globe. For instance, in the US, it will be available in the major networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and U.S. Cellular. You should not get worried that your network won’t support the new Note since it will also be available in other networks in different countries. However, one thing you need to note is the network lock used on Galaxy Note 3. This lock may still be required for Samsung Note 4 as Samsung may retain it for security enhancements.

64-bit processor

In-coming reports reveal that Samsung may consider featuring a 64-bit processor in the Samsung Note 4. This is according to Samsung CEO, Shin Jong-Kyun, who issued a promise that Samsung will topple the current processor in Apple’s newest and latest device, iPhone 5S.

News coming from within Samsung revealed that Samsung is working an upgrading the processors to be used in 2014 smartphones to 64-bit. If this happens, then Note 4 will be the first smartphone to feature a 64-bit processor.

Screen size – Even bigger?

One thing that Samsung has been reviewing every time they are making a new device is the screen size. Samsung has maintained a 0.2 inch increment in screen size of its Samsung Galaxy Note series. With Note 2 boasting a 5.5 inch screen size and 5.7 inch for Note 3, it is wondered if Samsung will hear the peoples’ wish and create a 5.9 inch for Note 4.

Superior Camera

Last year in September, reports indicated that Samsung was researching on a slimline 16 MP camera complete with OIS (optical image stabilizer). This will be a big boost to the quality of images taken by the Note 4. There is only one other Samsung smartphone that supports OIS, but in this case not with slimline technology.

GSM arena, who divulged this news, indicated that the new camera lens has been created and designed to perfectly fit into smartphones supporting slimline technology.

It is very likely that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be fit with this technology. If it comes with it and performs well, then you can automatically conclude that the same technology will feature in Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will definitely be the smartphone of the year come its release in 2014. The above mentioned technology will play a huge role in improving the features of Note 3 into a better, faster and more reliable smartphone.