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Apple iOS 8 – Apps, Specs, Images, Release Date & Rumors

Apple iOS 8 is a major topic for discussion among the lovers of iPod, iPad and iPhone users today. Most technology fans are eager to know the release date, specs and features of this device. Currently, a lot of things are being speculated about this device. However, the most amazing feature being talked about this is the fitness and healthcare feature. Apple is set to introduce a reinvention of the mobile phone industry with this feature.

Rumors about Apple iOS 8

So many things have been said about this device.

Here are some rumors about Apple iOS 8:

  • Notifications: Most fans of technology believe that iOS 8 will feature an improved notifications feature. It is expected that this device will feature a notifications feature that is better than that of iOS 7. Most users of iOS 7 feel the notifications feature of iOS 7 is a bit clumsy since to reply to iMessages one must launch the application instead of doing it from an X’s notification center. As such, Apple iOS 8 should come with a universal control that is clearer than the past notifications’ feature, which does not require the user to clear past notifications manually. The notifications app should be similar to the Sam Beckett’s notifications app. Perhaps; Apple can use more interesting messaging apps such as those of the Cue specialists. This is very important because Google is now gaining popularity among the users of Android devices. Using Cue will enable Apple to catch up with Google by adding smart push notifications. This way, users will have the information they need whenever they need it.
  • Siri: Fans of contemporary technologies believe that Apple will introduce more innovative features to this spec. Most people believe that iOS 8 will come with a virtual assistant and voice-activated siri. People should have more voices within this spec. Today, users of this device access a male voice with the iOS 7. iOS 8 should include a female voice in siri.
  • Control center: Many people loved the control center of the iOS 7. Apple should make the control center of Apple iOS8 even better. Perhaps, people should get more control of this center. They should be able to device the apps that they want to access while using this device with ease.
  • Multiple accounts: Most people desire to add more accounts on their Apple devices. This feature has been sought after by many people in their iPhones and iPads for a long time. iPads with multiple accounts allow family members to have individual accounts. This is very important especially for parents who want to control their children.
  • Multitasking: Although iOS 7 made some changes to how users enjoy the multitasking capability of this device, more changes need to be made. In particular, most people would like to see the device embrace the Sam Bechett’s   multitasking concept of the split screen. This is something that will increase the productivity of iOS 8 significantly. Most people are always craving for this feature as they use their iPads.
  • Facetime: Apple has not been improved much in the recent updates. The only improvement seen in this feature is the introduction of the FaceTime audio. However, Apple iOS 8 should introduce a multiple call with FaceTime. This will enable users to make a group call with ease. Although Skype allows users to make group calls, FaceTime will be a big addition to Apple users.


Innovative apps of Apple iOS 8

Many people have been talking about the applications that they would like to see in Apple updates. Some of the apps are annoying to some users and they expect that Apple will delete them and introduce more innovative apps. Some Apps in the iOS 7 are never used by owners of Apple and they expect that Apple will grant their wish.

  • Subscription service: This is an interesting idea. iOS 8 is likely to have subscription service in its App store or iTune store. This service would allow users to pay a monthly fee to access unlimited books, TV, Films and Apps among others. This can be a brilliant idea that many users would definitely subscribe to.
  • Third party browser: Although most users of Apple iOS 7 use Firefox or Chrome as their favorite browser, they would like to have a default third browser in their Apple iOS8. Safari has a stronghold in iOS. However, Apple should allow users to make their preferred third party browser their default browser. Thus, apple should introduce the ability to change Safari as a default browser in its new update.
  • Customized autocorrect: Many users of Apple iOS have always wanted to turn of the autocorrect app based on the apps they have on their device. A customized autocorrect will enable them to avoid embarrassing errors that are seen every now and them among these users.

iOS 8 Release date

Better specs of apple iOS 8

Although iOS 7 introduced better specs that preceding devices, technology fans would like to see more improvements.

Some of the areas where users of Apple iphones and iPads would like to see improvements include the following:

  • Battery life: iOS users are plagued with the issues of battery life. Battery life takes the top spot whenever users of iOS are asked about areas where they would like to see improvements. Apple is likely to improve on the battery life issue by adding an emergency feature on the new update. For instance, it can introduced customizable action that will set in whenever the batter or power reaches 20%. This would be better than simply popping up a warning message. iOS 8 can be programmed to lower its brightness, switch off location services and Bluetooth among other operations automatically when the power goes down. This will enable the device to stay alive for long without charging.
  • iTunes radio: Apple users have always wanted an iTunes radio on their devices. By introducing iTunes radio, Apple would allow users to stream their preferred songs directly from iTunes with ease. It is likely that Apple will launch iTunes radio before releasing the Apple iOS 8 in UK.

The redefining spec of Apple iOS 8

Apple has always wowed technology fans by introducing some of the most amazing features and specs with its iOS updates. In the new update, Apple has a unique feature that is set to redefine the entire mobile phones industry. The health and fitness monitoring application will change how people perceive mobile phones completely.

Fitness tracking

Apple plans to introduce an application called Healthbook in the iOS8. This software is able to monitor and store statistics about your fitness. This includes the steps that the user takes, calories that they burn and miles that they walk. In addition, this app will be able to track and help the user manage the rate at which they lose weight. This app is designed as a pre-installed challenger and it offers the user benefits that are similar to those of Fitbit and Nike. It makes the Apple iOS 8 more intriguing to the users who desire to ensure their physical fitness on daily basis.

Health tracking

Apart from the fitness tracking aspect of the Healthbook, it will also enable the user to monitorvital signs in their bodies. This includes the ability to track the hydration levels, blood pressure, heart rate and other data that is related to their blood. The app will also enable users to monitor glucose levels in the body. Healthbook is software that is programmed to enable users to know their medication details. As such, with this software users will be reminded about their medication based on their schedule. This will be integrated on the Reminders App of the iOS 8.

Although Jeff Williams, who is an Apple executive, talked about this app last month, he did not give more details about it. However, he said that Healthbook application will have a multiple user interface. It is likely to take the Cues of the Passbook app which is used by Apple users to store coupons, loyalty cards and other items that are usually stored in their physical wallets. This app has an interface that allows users to swipe between cards stored in it. Every card will represent a different health or fitness data point. It comes with a prototype logo that is similar to the Passbook icon. However, it features graphics that represent important signs.

Leaked images of Apple iOS 8

Currently, no images of Apple iOS 8 have been leaked. However, it is expected that soon they will be about. Very soon Apple will also release the video concept of the device. The video is expected to spark imagination of technology fans that are eagerly waiting for the release of this device.

Apple iOS 8 release date

Apple has always followed a trend in releasing its devices. Most likely, this will also be the trend for Apple iOS 8. Apple iOS 7 was released on September 2013. Therefore, the subsequent update of iOS is difficult to determine when it will be released. Nevertheless, analysts say that technology fans are likely to wait until September 2014.

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